Wheels are turning

Okay….. Okay so having just graduated…. Time for an overhaul of the web site…. So it will take some time to do so…….. Look for updates as they come……. And may the force be with you.


The big debate right now is whether or not the lgbt community should have the same rights for marriage that others have…… I say if you can get divorced however many times you feel,  then the lgbt community should be given a chance to do it at least once. 601976_4685361657393_1911758306_n

New Star Wars……or the end of an era?

With the purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney, there is some worries that Disney just sees dollar signs, and cares nothing about the fans. With out the fans Star wars and lucasfilm would not be what it is today. The higher ups at Disney should take a long hard look at what they have and not just dollar signs……..Galaxy